The pleasures of spring in the Eisacktal valley

Flowers, sunshine and mountain walks

In South Tyrol, spring arrives earlier than on the northern side of the Alps. The hiking season starts as early as March, when the first warm sun’s rays tickle nature out of its wintry sleep. While the mountain tops are still wearing their white hats, down in the valley the apple orchards are already in bloom – what a delightful contrast! Do not miss the spectacle of nature’s awakening, come and visit us next spring!

Through walls of flowers

When the snow melts away, the valley turns a different shade of white: that of delicately scented apple flower petals. Dive into the uplifting spring atmosphere with a walk through the apple orchards of the nearby Natz-Schabs plateau or have a stroll around our hotel to discover which flowers bloom first. Enjoy the warm sun from our panoramic terrace or pedal southbound on the Eisacktal cycle path to visit the quaint town of Klausen.

Art and culture: local standouts

Spring is also the right season to discover the Eisacktal valley’s many cultural attractions. Take a walk along the Eisack River and you will reach the impressive walls of Neustift abbey, with its baroque collegiate church and cellar. The historic centre of Brixen, dating back to the Middle Ages, is a treasure trove of cultural and artistic gems, from the Diocesan Museum to the baroque cathedral and cloister and from its winding alleys to its picturesque arcades. And why not seize the opportunity to visit one of the many castles and mansions in the area, like Castle Rodeneck, Castle Velthurns or Castle Trostburg?