Our beauty & spa treatments

Make time for your well-being

Caught up in the daily grind, we rarely find time to take proper care of our well-being. A spa treatment is a gift to your body and mind and a good way to make the most of your holiday. Step into our small, tranquil spa area and treat yourself to a reviving massage or beauty treatment. Pick your favourite treatment or go the full mile with a wellness package – book your pampering experience at Reception and let us know your wishes.

Our beauty programme

Make the most of your holiday and treat yourself to:

Full body massage (50 min.)52,00 €
Partial body massage (25 min.)29,00 €
Classic facial treatment (60 min.)59,00 €
Manicure including nail polish29,00 €
Manicure without nail polish25,00 €
Pedicure including nail polish38,00 €
Pedicure without nail polish34,00 €
Hair removal (depending on body part)10,00 € - 50,00 €
Eyebrow shaping8,00 € - 11,00 €
Eyebrow dyeing10,00 €
Eyelash dyeing12,00 €
Water jet massage on our water bed (20 min.)10,00 €

Hotel Fernblick am Plose Berg in Südtirol
Our wellness packages

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage and relish the quiet as you let your thoughts wander – choose one of our wellness packages!

Back- & Full body masage
Massage auf unserem Wasserbett

Panorama massage package
75 Euro

Partial body massage
Massage on our water bed

Eisacktal massage package
29 Euro

Pedicure & manicure incl. nail polish
Eyebrow shaping

Beauty package
65 Euro

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